About Me
My name is Nigel. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
December 23, 2009.
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My Story



The adorable little guy was found abandoned in Independence Park in Newark in November 2011. Cold and hungry, the small terrier was grateful to have someone rescue him and bring him to AHS.

Nigel was up for adoption years ago and was adopted a few different times. However, he was always returned for behavioral issues. We realized it was in Nigel's best interest to spend his years with us in Animal Haven at our Forked River shelter. Although he is unable to find an adoptive home, he still deserves to live out a wonderful life in peace.  

Nigel now lives in Animal Haven, where our staff are equipped to help him live out his best life. Although he has some behavioral challenges that prevent him from getting adopted, we love Nigel, and he lives quite the happy life with us! We accept Nigel as he is, quirks and all.

After further evaluation, it was thought that sweet Nigel may have a slight neurological disorder, or had suffered some sort of abuse in his past. So, we have added him to our Share-A-Pet program.

He now resides in Animal Haven in our Forked River shelter where he has lots of playmates, a big comfy bed to sprawl out on, lots of toys, and a large yard to romp around in.

Although he is not able to be walked by sponsors, he would still love to have you as part of his life! Please consider sponsoring Nigel today!