About Me
My name is Chuck the Cavy. I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 22, 2010.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Animal Type

Exotic Animals

My Story

Chuck the Cavy

Chuck is our resident Patagonian Mara, which is a type of animals known as a cavy.   Chuck is elderly as well as blind and was in need of a quiet, peaceful sanctuary to live out his retirement years from another animal facility.  In 2019, we welcomed him as a part of our Popcorn Park Family and he has been catching the attention of our visitors since. 
He lives peacefully with our Aldabra tortoise during the warmer months; Max and Chuck have become the best of friends.  Your Wildlife Club Sponsorships help us to provide the best food and medical care for all of our animals, young and elderly.  Please consider supporting Chuck today! 

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