About Me
My name is Chuck the Cavy. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 22, 2010.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Animal Type

Exotic Animals

My Story

Chuck the Cavy

Chuck is our resident Patagonian Mara commonly known as a Cavy. Chuck found himself in our care because he is blind and has several other health concerns. Chuck spent most of his life living at a zoo with several other cavy’s. Unfortunately, he was frequently picked on because of his disability. The staff at the zoo knew he needed a quiet place to live and contacted Popcorn Park to see if we could help. 
Chuck arrived at Popcorn Park in late 2018 and made himself right at home. Immediately we could see the sense of relief we felt to not have to worry about being bullied by the other animals. It took him some time to get a sense of his enclosure but little by little he memorized every inch of his new home. He uses his long whiskers and other heightened senses so that he can safely navigate. 

Today Chuck lives peacefully with our Aldabra tortoise, Max, during the warmer months. They have become the best of friends and enjoy each other’s companionship. The two can often be spotted snoozing in the sunshine or sharing a big leafy green salad together. 

Chuck is a staff-favorite and we love giving him all the love he could ever want as he enjoys his golden years with us. Chuck may be small in stature but he sure holds a BIG spot in our hearts.


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