Dogo the Patas Monkey

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My name is Dogo the Patas Monkey. I'm a 16-year-old girl.

My birthday is
June 27, 2007.
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Wildlife Club

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Exotic Animals

My Story

Dogo the Patas Monkey


A lab in Maryland was going to euthanize 20 – 25 Patas monkeys that they no longer needed if another facility for them wasn’t found. A rescue group stepped in and made arrangements for them to be placed all together. Two had a very difficult time adjusting - Archie, who has since passed away, and Dogo. Dogo is a 15 year old female who would run and hide from the other monkeys.

Even after she was placed with other more submissive Patas monkeys, she was still so scared that she was sick most of the time. She had to be kept alone by herself. Fortunately, we had space for her here, and now she has completely recovered and feels healthy every day. Great news- in March 2018, we accepted another Patas monkey from the same group - Toby, and now he and Dogo are sharing an enclosure happily and have become the best of friends! Can you open your heart to Dogo and sponsor her? Please consider sponsoring Dogo today! 


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