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My name is Brooklyn. I'm a 18-year-old girl.

My birthday is
January 1, 2005.
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Wildlife Club

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Brooklyn the Boa Constrictor


Brooklyn is a Columbian Boa Constrictor who came to us in 2022 after being found on the balcony of an apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Originally brought to the Animal Care Centers of NYC, she was transferred to Popcorn Park, where she will enjoy lifelong sanctuary and serve as an educational ambassador for visitors. 

Brooklyn is 17 years old, weights 45 pounds, and is 8 feet long. Boa Constrictors range in size, but can grow up to 16 feet requiring ample space not typically found in a NY City apartment. Snakes like Brooklyn are very active, alert and strong.  Boas have the strength to escape improper enclosures and should always be handled by an expierenced handler.  

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