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My name is All Our Iguanas. I'm a boy.
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Mango, Godzilla, & All Our Iguanas


We have many iguanas who call Popcorn Park home! Sassafras, Cheeto, Shermie, Mango, and Godzilla, to name a few, all came to live with us for similar reasons. Often, iguanas are purchased by people who are well-intentioned but who underestimate the specialized care that they require. Sometimes Iguanas are surrendered because they grow too big, or require too much care, or because the person loses interest.

Iguanas come with a long list of must-haves for proper care and we do our best to provide them with a proper, enriching, natural habit to live in at our Refuge. Iguanas need a lot of space as an adult, requiring an enclosure to be twice the length of them, and at least the same width as their length. This enclosure must also have space for them to climb to find and escape the heat.

Iguanas are native to tropical and subtropical forests, deserts, and coastlines and so they require warm temperatures to thrive. Ranging from 90 degrees to low to mid 80s, they also need their heat source to come from above them, which allows them to thermoregulate. Additionally, they need a good water source available at all times. They should be misted daily, and soaked periodically to ensure proper hydration. If possible, offer them a mini swimming pool.

Iguana's diets should consist of mainly vegetables, but also include some fruit. They need proper lighting to fully digest their meals, and can live anywhere between 15-20 years in captivity. Natural sunlight is best for them, so if possible, keep them in an outdoor enclosure if the weather permits for it.

We do our very best to make sure all of our Iguanas receive the very special care they need. Godzilla, Sassafras, Mango and all their friends are all safe and sound here with us at Popcorn Park! We hope you will consider sponsoring our Iguanas today! 


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