Barnacle the Llama

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My name is Barnacle the Llama. I'm a 6-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 23, 2018.
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Wildlife Club

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Farm Animals

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Barnacle the Llama


Barnacle spent his early years living at an animal park amongst a number of other llamas, sheep, goats, cows, and other hoof-stock. Unfortunately, when Barnacle was very young, he was bitten very badly by a zebra on his right hind leg. When the wound became severely infected, Barnacle needed significant, and immediate, veterinary care.  It took several weeks, but with constant, intensive care by their staff and veterinarians, Barnacle recovered fully - with only a large scar to remind him of the experience.

After he was healed, Barnacle found himself in need of a new home. Thankfully, the veterinarian who treated his injury acquired him and brought him to live at Popcorn Park.   He has made great friends with Curly the Llama and Bella the Cow in our barnyard and has fully made Popcorn Park his forever home! 

Barnacle is an opinionated and friendly fellow who will never turn down a treat from one of our staff!

Barnacle is the best of friends with fellow Llama Curly and our beautiful cow Bella. This trio's silly antics amuse our staff and visitors all day long!  He is ever curious and inquisitive - following our staff around as they clean and investigating all activity in the barnyard! He is always sure to keep tabs on all the comings and goings at the Refuge with a very watchful eye, like a very nosy neighbor. His fun-loving personality is a joy to see every day! You just can't help but smile when he's around.  

Barnacle would love to have you as a partner in crime to share in all his silly adventures! Would you consider being a loyal friend and sponsoring him today?


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