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My name is Andy the Goat. I'm a 10-year-old boy.

My birthday is
April 14, 2014.
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Wildlife Club

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Farm Animals

My Story

Andy the Goat


In 2014, Popcorn Park received a call about a very young pygmy goat who was wandering around the parking lot of a local shopping center in Waretown. Located very near to busy Route 9, we quickly drove over to try to rescue the goat before he ventured into the busy traffic. When we arrived, he was waiting just where the store owners said, almost as if he were waiting just for us!

Thankfully, the goat never wandered into the path of the oncoming cars and he made it safe and sound to Popcorn Park! Upon arrival our team named the little pygmy goat Andy. After routine vet work, including neutering, vaccines, and deworming, Andy settled right into his new life at the Refuge. It was clear he had not spent a lot of time around humans so our staff spent a lot of time socializing him and giving him extra TLC. Now, Andy is just the friendliest little guy!

Today, Andy is so full of life, spending his days playing and frolicking with his best friend, Billy the goat. Andy and Billy are constantly frolicking in their pen, jumping two and fro.

Andy loves interacting with our staff, even playfully headbutting them if he wants attention. He never fails to make us smile!

Are you looking to add a little joy to your life? Andy is the goat for you!

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