Dominick the Donkey

About Me
My name is Dominick the Donkey. I'm a 5-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 14, 2019.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Farm Animals

My Story

Dominick the Donkey


Meet Dominick! This spunky donkey boy came to Popcorn Park in 2021. Just 2-years-old at the time, Dominick lived at a farm in West Creek, NJ among other farm animals, including a hog. Unfortunately, Dominick and the hog did not get along well and frequently got into altercations, leaving Dominick with a host of superficial injuries. During one of their fights, Dominick was severely injured by the hog, requiring emergency medical intervention.

Though he had several superficial injuries, Dominick had several significant wounds to his legs and shoulder that needed extensive treatment. Unable to afford his veterinary care, his owner brought him to Popcorn Park where our medical team quickly sprang into action! Providing Dominick with antibiotics, wound care, and a host of other medical treatments, Dominick recieved round-the-clock care. After several weeks of treatment, his wounds had healed and he had officially settled in to his new home at the Refuge, making a complete recovery.  

To know Dominick now, you would never know that his first few years of life were less than ideal. Dominick healed well from his injuries and displays his gratitude every day. He can be heard throughout the Park loudly braying (the typical donkey hee-haw you hear) to his caretakers and visitors. 

He is one of the most playful boys and can frequently be seen throwing his Jollyball toy around in the air and playfully bucking and rearing. Dominick never fails to make us laugh and smile! He loves being the center of attention and loves receiving affection just as much.

Dominick now has his own space to feel safe, carefree, and loved. He is the friendliest little guy and would love for you to sponsor him today! Dominick fills our lives with so much joy and he would love to share that with you too! 


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