Boomer the Grey-Armed Macaque

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My name is Boomer the Grey-Armed Macaque. I'm a boy.
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Boomer the Grey-Armed Macaque


If you see Boomer in person, at first glance you might think he's a mini-gorilla! However, this unique looking little guy is a Grey-Armed Macaque cross. Arriving in late August 2022, Boomer has certainly not had the easiest life. When his lifelong owners passed away, Boomer and the many other animals in their home were left without care for a period of time. Thankfully, local authorities were able to step in to help find new homes for the animals. We received a call asking us to assist with the relocation of Boomer and several of his friends, including Ozzie, one of our other Macaque's, and we immediately jumped into action, all too happy to help.

Boomer's transition to his new home at Popcorn Park was not an easy one. In his prior home, he was hand-raised and kept in a small crate indoors, with no fresh air or sunshine and minimal enrichment. Never having been outside, combined with the relocation, and not to mention the death of his former owners, Boomer was understandably very scared, timid, and confused.

At first he refused to leave the indoor portion of his enclosure, seemingly unsure and frightened of exploring the outdoors. When he saw our staff he would immediately back away and try to hide. Though our staff did our best to make him feel welcome and well-cared for, it was clear that Boomer would need some extra time and TLC to settle in. 

Little by little Boomer became more comfortable in his new home. Each day he became a little more confident, eventually venturing outside to experience his first ray of sunshine, blade of grass, and breath of fresh air of his life. With patience, consistency, and lots of love from our staff he started to come of out his shell and we saw his personality blossom.

It's safe to say Boomer now LOVES being outside. His new favorite place to hang out is atop one of the ledges in his outdoor enclosure. Boomer props his little feet up on his fence so he can watch the many Park visitors, bask in the sunshine, and munch on delicious bamboo leaves. It warms our heart to see him worry-free and enjoying life, knowing all he has had to overcome.  

He quickly became a staff favorite, working his way into our hearts. We know that Boomer never has to know fear, uncertainty, or neglect ever again. With a lifelong home at Popcorn Park, Boomer knows he is safe and loved.  

Will you consider sponsoring Boomer to help welcome him to the Park? We just know you will come to love him just as much as we do!  


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