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My name is All Our Turtles. I'm a boy.
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We are the home of many different types of turtles, but the most common are the box turtles, red eared sliders, and yellow-bellied sliders. Some arrive due to injuries, but most are brought in due to their owners no longer being able to care for them. Families often get a turtle the size of a quarter and try to keep them in a small tank indoors. However, these turtles grow up quickly and require the right diet, sunlight, and water source depending on their type. Each summer we get hundreds of turtles surrendered to us that we need to find homes for.

 Here at Popcorn Park, we are at our maximum in our turtle pond with our 17 resident turtles and another 60 box turtles in our land turtle areas. They have been with us for many years, and enjoy sunbathing on the rocks together or basking in the sun near the park entrance. With the hundreds of turtles needing homes, we reach out to our rehabilitators and partners to find them a permanent resident elsewhere. We feed and house these turtles until room opens up, as well as organize a transport for them. This often is a long process taking several months, and our resources are quickly depleted. Our resident turtles allow us to raise funds to continue our efforts in finding all our turtle friends the appropriate home. By sponsoring our turtles, you are in fact not only supporting the residents here at Popcorn Park, but also supporting the hundreds of turtles we rehome each year. So if you would like to help our reptilian friends, please sponsor All The Turtles today!


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