About Me
My name is Bella the Cow. I'm a 11-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 10, 2011.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Animal Type

Farm Animals

My Story

Bella the Cow


Bella came to us in late 2016, after her young owner reached out for help. Bella was raised as a 4H cow, but became too big for her owner to care for. The owner tried Bella on a milking farm, but although she gave birth to one calf, she did not produce enough milk and didn't produce another.

She was unwanted on another farm for the same reason. But Bella fits in here just fine with our llamas Curly and Barnacle, even though she loves human companionship the most. She is extremely friendly to all the staff, and very curious, always wanting to know what people are up to. She even supervised the construction staff who built her new lean-to shed! Bella is curious about you, too - might you give her some special love and sponsor her? Please consider sponsoring Bella today!! 


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