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My name is Croc & Dile the Caimans. I'm a 38-year-old.

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February 1, 1986.
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Croc & Dile The Caimans


Croc and Dile are our two resident Spectacled Caimans. The species gets its name from the bony ridge between their eyes, which makes it look as if they were wearing a pair of spectacles. As their names and photos may suggest, Caimans belong to the same family as crocodiles and alligators and originate from Central and South America. 

The victims of the exotic reptile trade industry, Croc and Dile were purchased as babies and quickly became more responsibility than their owner could safely manage. Illegally and improperly kept, Fish and Wildlife intervened when their owner could no longer care for them and confiscated the two reptiles. They contacted Popcorn Park and we had just the right place for them in our reptile house. Croc and Dile arrived in 1987 and have happily called Popcorn Park home ever since! 

Since Caiman's require warm temperatures and a high level of humidity to survive, Croc and Dile spend the colder winter months in our climate-controlled Reptile House, complete with a warm pool and UV lights. In the warmer summer months, our Caimans alternate living in Caiman Corner, a special outdoor pond where they can swim in the warm water and bask on the rocks in the sunshine.   

While they may seem like a unique and interesting pet to have, Caimans have very strict feeding and living conditions that make them very difficult for the average person to properly care for. People often purchase Caimans when they are small and cute, not realizing that they can grow quite large and require a significant amount of specialized care. Croc and Dile are both around 3-4 ft in length and as a predatory species, they also have long, sharp teeth which can make them a dangerous animal to keep as a pet. 

Our experienced and knowledgable reptile staff makes sure Croc and Dile recieve everything they need to thrive. From climate controlled housing, carefully cultivated, natural outdoor habitat, and specialized diet, we make sure that Croc and Dile recieve the very best care. They are two of our long-time residents and we could not be happier to have them here.



Croc and Dile are two of the lucky ones, finding sanctuary in the safety of Popcorn Park. However, their story is sadly all too common. Many of our reptiles find their way to us for very similar reasons. We hope that through sharing Croc and Dile's story, we can raise awareness and educate people about the difficulties of keeping an exotic animal, like caimans, as pets. 

Your sponsorship makes a world of difference to keep our reptile boys happy, healthy, and thriving and to help us spread awareness. Please consider sponsoring Croc and Dile today! 

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