Buster the Capuchin Monkey

About Me
My name is Buster the Capuchin Monkey. I'm a 34-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 1, 1989.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Exotic Animals

My Story

Buster the Capuchin Monkey


Buster is a White Faced Capuchin Monkey who was kept illegally by someone as a pet. Keeping an animal like this is no easy task, and that's because they were never meant to be a pet! 

Buster came to us several years ago and shares a yard with Kay Leigh, another Capuchin Monkey. They are known as the "little monsters" who are always getting each other riled up! They love when we surprise them with "gifts" in their yard, and they immediately begin ravaging the surprise. They are free to whatever destruction they want to cause here at Popcorn Park, but would be very gentle with your sponsorship! Please consider sponsoring Buster today! 


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