About Me
My name is Curly the Llama. I'm a 19-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 18, 2004.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Farm Animals

My Story

Curly the Llama


Curly, aptly named for her curly wool coat, has called Popcorn Park home for most of her life, arriving in August 2005. Curly first lived with another llama, Victor, in Middletown, NJ. However, the pair found themselves in need of a new home when their previous owners moved to Florida and were unable to bring them along.

We happily welcomed them into our Popcorn Park herd, where they made fast friends with the other barnyard residents! Though Victor has since passed away from old age, Curly lives happily with her fellow llama pal, Barnacle, and Bella the Cow.

Llamas like Curly are known for their calm, friendly nature and inquisitive spirit, all traits that Curly exemplifies in abundance. She spends her days quietly munching on hay with Bella, basking in the sunshine, or playfully frolicking with Barnacle.  She enjoys living close to the Refuge entrance, where she and Barnacle can keep a watchful and curious eye on all the Park activities! Curly is a sweet and friendly girl who keeps us all entertained with her unpredictable adventures and unmistakable charm. We are so glad we could provide her with a loving home for so many years!

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