Cassie & Casanova

About Me
My name is Cassie & Casanova. I'm a 8-year-old.

My birthday is
February 1, 2016.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Farm Animals

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Cassie & Casanova


Meet the newest additions to Popcorn Park - Cassie and Casanova, our dynamic Alpca duo! These Alpacas arrived on January 31, 2024 from a local farm in Ocean County, NJ. Sadly, their owner passed away leaving the pair in need of a fresh start. Cassie is deaf and so her former caretakers knew they needed some place extra special to give her proper care and stability. Of course, we were all too happy to welcome them into our Popcorn Park herd of farm animals! Cassie and Casanova walked off the trailer and calmly strutted into the Park, acting as if they'd always called Popcorn Park home. We are so glad to provide them sanctuary!  

Cassie and Casanova are settling in and we are still learning their unique personalities. However, so far they have proven to be friendly, inquisitive, and just as cute as can be! Casanova, the more dominant of the pair, leads with boldness and a curious confidence. Cassie is happy to let Casanova take the lead, which gives her extra stability and confidence as she navigates her new surroundings with her hearing impairment. They have both enjoyed greeting visitors to the Park and have been eying their neighbors, like Troy the Miniature Pony, with a friendly curiosity. 

As Cassie and Casanova adjust to their new home, we invite you to be a part of their life through our Wildlife Club. We are dedicated to providing them with the best care, including medical attention, a nutritous diet, enriching activities, and most importantly, the love and companionship they deserve! 

Your sponsorship will directly contribute to their daily care, medical needs, and overall well-being. By becoming a sponsor, you're not just supporting Cassie and Casanova; you're becoming part of their extended family, a source of comfort and joy in their new chapter at Popcorn Park!

We hope you will consider sponsoring their care and welcoming Cassie and Casanova into your family! With a name like Casanova, you know he has a lot of love to give!


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