About Me
My name is Callie the Goat. I'm a 5-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 11, 2018.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Animal Type

Farm Animals

My Story

Callie the Goat


A tiny baby goat was brought to the attention of one of our veterinarians when he was working at another zoo. She was crying for her mother, but amidst all the other goats and babies, her mom couldn't be found.

Our vet mentioned he was coming to Popcorn Park the next day, and soon found Callie on his front seat in a carrier, all ready to go to her new home. She was bottled-fed at first, then graduated to making friends with our Popcorn Park mascots, the Peacocks, and finally met her new BFF, Peggy, a potbellied pig. All she needs now is a friend in you. Would you please consider sponsoring Callie today?


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