Bonnie the Black Bear

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My name is Bonnie the Black Bear. I'm a 23-year-old girl.

My birthday is
March 9, 2001.
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Bonnie the Black Bear


Bonnie is one of three American black bears rescued by Popcorn Park Animal Refuge. She was four years old when we rescued the trio in 2005, and was owned by a careless breeder who raised them to be sold, but often had too many and were living in unpleasant conditions to say the least.

Bonnie and her siblings would often escape the breeders property and were found wandering the streets of Ohio. Fish and Wildlife got involved and the girls were brought to us to live the rest of their lives in peace without worrying or wanting for anything.  Bonnie enjoys her time in her pool along with her sister MaryAnn.  Sadly, Ginger passed away, but Bonnie and MaryAnn have found joy in each other's company. Please consider sponsoring Bonnie! 


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