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My name is Angel the Pig. I'm a girl.
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Wildlife Club

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Angel the Pig


Pigs are some of the cutest infant animals and can make many people think about having one of their very own. We think this reason is why many people try to keep them as house pets. They do house train easily, but (and that's a big but) pigs are very intelligent animals as well and can grow to become dominant towards people and other animals if not trained at an early enough age not to do so. 

Angel was living at a farm but began biting the other animals there to show dominance. After the vet was out to help the other animals’ numerous times, the family decided to find a new home for Angel where she wouldn’t feel the need to show this aggressive side of her. She moved to Popcorn Park, and with a whole pen to herself, she has mellowed down a lot! She enjoys mud baths, popcorn, and wonderful new sponsors to write to! So please consider sponsoring Angel today! 


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