Amy the White-Tailed Deer

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My name is Amy the White-Tailed Deer. I'm a 20-year-old girl.

My birthday is
January 1, 2004.
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Wildlife Club

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Amy the White-Tailed Deer


Amy was found wandering the streets in the most northern county of our great state. Sussex County, which is part of what makes up the New York Metropoltian area is not an ideal place for a human raised doe.  Amy was very accustomed to humans as a food source and had been approaching people looking for meals. This caused concern for vehicle interaction as well as the health of the deer.  She was seen often and thankfully spotted by a NJ Fish & Wildlife Officer who knew exactly what to do to keep Amy safe and out of harm's way.  The officer carefully surrounded Amy and once she was safe, arranged for her transport to Popcorn Park where she would no longer need to worry about her next meal.  We honored her with the officer's name who saved her and she has been a part of the Popcorn Park family since. 

Amy still loves human interaction and is often the first to greet approaching visitors, especially those with a popcorn box!  Her daily meals are plentiful thanks to donors and sponsors supporting our mission through the Popcorn Park Wild Life Club. Thank you for considering sponsoring our adorable Amy! 

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