BooBoo the Black Bear

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My name is BooBoo the Black Bear. I'm a 25-year-old girl.

My birthday is
March 21, 1998.
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Wildlife Club

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My Story

Booboo the Black Bear


Our beautiful BooBoo was once used as a down payment for a car at a dealership in Iowa.  The car dealership then chose to use BooBoo as a marketing tactic to attract potential sales.  Once Fish & Wildlife authorities found out about this transaction, they stepped in to remove BooBoo and find her a permanent loving home.  In 1998, she traveled to Popcorn Park where she have been living ever since!

Booboo is our beautiful American Black Bear, and enjoys a spacious compound with a pool and a waterfall, and a moat! She loves peanuts, and swimming in her pond. She is our oldest bear, but still has a lot of spunk in her! Could you give our all-American girl a bear hug and sponsor her? 


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