Little Girl the Deer

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My name is Little Girl the Deer. I'm a 20-year-old.

My birthday is
March 18, 2003.
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Wildlife Club

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My Story

Little Girl the White-Tailed Deer


I was raised by a family who thought they did the right thing by taking me out of the wild as a baby. Often fawn are brought to us that are thought to have been abandoned by their mother, but actually they leave their baby in a safe place while they are away. Unless a fawn is thin and covered in ticks, their mother is close by waiting for you to leave. 

The family meant to do well when they raised her, not realizing that she would never be able to live in her own habitat again. Fish and Game contacted us to see if we had room, and early in 2004, Little Girl arrived. She is in with her other deer friends that came to us for similar reasons. We hope their story will raise awareness to leave wildlife in the wild. Please consider sponsoring Little Girl today! 


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