About Me
My name is Bubbles. I'm a 6-year-old girl.

My birthday is
March 29, 2018.
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My Story



This beautiful, bubbly girl is Bubbles! Today, she is all smiles but her arrival at AHS in March of 2023 was anything but ordinary. Bubbles was found late at night abandoned by the side of the road in a cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap.

Bubbles was suffering with a large Pyometra (severe infection of her uterus) and had a portion of her nose missing with a large wound. If not for the quick action of our team and emergency veterinary intervention, it is likely that Bubbles would not have made it through the night. She needed swift action and the support of our ResQFund to save her life.

Bubbles was rushed into emergency surgery where thankfully our veterinarians were able to deal with her Pyometra and set her on the road to recovery. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, Bubbles' future is as bright as her sunny disposition. Now, Bubbles is healed and ready to find a permanent, loving home of her own. 

Bubbles has signs of a tough life: a piece of her nose has been bitten off, she looks to have had several litters too, yet you couldn't diminish her joy and playful spirit if you tried. 

Bubbles is approximately 6 years old and is just as sweet and bubbly as her name suggests! Bubbles loves galivanting in the grass and is a very friendly girl. She politely sits for treats and is extremely kind and gentle. She loves to play with balls and will happily fetch and catch for as long as you're willing to toss them to her! 

We know one day Bubbles will find just the right forever home, but until that time she'd love to have you as a sponsor!