Winnie the Red Kangaroo

About Me
My name is Winnie the Red Kangaroo. I'm a 5-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 18, 2017.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Exotic Animals

My Story

Winnie the Kangaroo


Winnie is a Red Kangaroo who was born with juvenile cataracts. Although she had corrective surgery, she later developed glaucoma and lost her vision completely. The park where she was born had many kangaroos in a large area. Because of Winnie’s loss of sight, when another kangaroo brushed up against her, she would easily scare and start hopping away frantically, sometimes into other kangaroos, trees or the fence. Winnie needed a small enclosure where she could become familiar with her environment and boundaries and not potentially injure herself.  Popcorn Park had the perfect area for Winnie and we welcomed her to her new permanent home.  We introduced her to her new living quarters and now she feels right at home.  Winnie has gotten to know her area very well and loves to lay in the sun napping on warm days taking in all the sounds of the park and visitors.  Winnie would love for you to be her sponsor! 


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