About Me
My name is Zeka. I'm a 11-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 27, 2012.
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My Story



Zeka (pictured left) is a very special lady who is one of the long-termers at our Forked River shelter. Zeka came to our shelter in September 2019 alongside another dog, Zuri (pictured right), when the pair were found lost in the Toms River, NJ area. They had clearly had a tough life and needed lots of help. When they were picked up by police officers, Zeka and Zuri were in horrendous, neglected condition. They were just skin and bones, with their rib cages, spines, and hip bones prominantly visible. They had multiple infections and desperately needed a bath, with overgrown nails and horrificly dirty and smelly. Zeka also had several malignant mammary masses that needed to be removed as well as partial facial paralysis.

However, despite all their many ailments, Zeka and Zuri couldn't be more grateful to be rescued.  

Zeka and Zuri spent a good deal of time being treated for a variety of ailments and little by little our staff saw their personalities blossom. The girls were always full of smiles, enjoying romping around the big yard in Animal Haven. While they enjoyed playing together, the pair, and Zeka in particular, generally did not enjoy the company of other dogs. Zeka and Zuri, while friendly to our staff, could also be a bit wary of meeting new people, making them a bit difficult to adopt. 

However, as the pair has aged, they began to value their independence more and more, preferring time apart. In the winter of 2024, we were thrilled to see a wonderful family come to adopt Zuri, after over 4 years in our care, and we knew it would be best for the two ladies to separate. Zuri now enjoys her golden years in the loving arms of her new family and we are so grateful for her new beginnings.  

Zeka, now over 11 years old, resides in Animal Haven in our Forked River shelter, where she enjoys a large, grassy play yard, othopedic bed, and all the TLC she could want. Her age combined with her health issues and some behavioral quirks have made Zeka a tougher dog to adopt. However, we are happy to provide her with all the love and care she needs so she can feel her very best during her Golden years!


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