About Me
My name is Zeka & Zuri. I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 27, 2012.
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My Story

Zeka & Zuri


Zeka and Zuri are two special ladies that have had such a tough time of it in life. The girls were found lost in the Toms River area in September 2019. When they were picked up by police officers, our girls were in horrendous, neglected condition. They were just skin and bones, with their rib cages, spines, and hip bones prominantly visible. They had multiple infections and desperately needed a bath, with overgrown nails and horrificly dirty and smelly. 

However, despite all their many ailments, Zeka and Zuri couldn't be any sweeter or more grateful to be rescued.  

Zeka and Zuri spent a good deal of time being treated for a variety of ailments. Our vets also discovered that Zeka (the girl with the mostly gray face) had malignant mammary masses that needed to be removed. Thankfully, this was curative but our team continues to monitor her to make sure they don't reappear. As she has aged, Zeka also has some facial paralysis on one side, but it doesn't prevent her from being the biggest mush you'll ever meet.

She and Zuri want nothing more than to get loads of attention and bellyrubs. The girls are a bit older, but they're still playful and active.  They love each other very much but don't care much for other pets. While they await their forever home, they've been added to our Share-A-Pet program to get some extra attention from some good sponsors. Please consider sponsoring them today! 


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