Duncan the Severe Macaw

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My name is Duncan the Severe Macaw. I'm a 18-year-old boy.

My birthday is
December 6, 2004.
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Wildlife Club

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Duncan the Severe Macaw


Duncan truly loved the lady of the house and his family ... all except for the husband. Duncan had learned to unlatch his cage no matter how cleverly it was hooked, and had only one thing in mind - to hunt down the husband and attack him. Parrots are known to be highly emotional animals and this type of Macaw gets its name from its aggressive personality during adolescence, requiring an experienced owner. 

As this became dangerous, Duncan was surrendered to Popcorn Park. If you can appreciate a real ladies' man, perhaps you could show him some affection with the support of a sponsorship . He loves to play with toys, and tease staff members and we hope you can open your heart to him and consider sponsoring Duncan today! 


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