Snowball & Ponz the Squirrels

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My name is Snowball & Ponz the Squirrels. I'm a 8-year-old.

My birthday is
January 21, 2016.
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Wildlife Club

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Snowball & Pons the Squirrels


Snowball and Ponz came to us in February 2016, orphaned at just 4 weeks old. New Jersey has small pockets of both black and white squirrels around the state, but only the white ones have problems surviving. Due to their lack of camouflage, they stand out like a sore thumb, so many don't make it to adulthood. We couldn't let that be Snowball's fate so we raised her here to live with us and for company, also raised her brother Ponz, whom we neutered to prevent babies.

They play and wrestle around all day, using their den box for rest and their nest at night. Ponz was in charge when they were younger and the first one to the food dish. If you held a peanut to the cage he would push Snowball away to get it first. Then she would shy away, but now in their new and bigger area things have equaled out. She can get food or treats and escape him, plus she seems faster and a little smarter. They both love the acorns and pine cones we find for them, and love to snuggle with each other in their den box. Snowball and Ponz might like to snuggle with you, too, but you wouldn't fit in their den box, so perhaps you could send them some sponsorship love. Please consider sponsoring Snowball & Ponz today!! 


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