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My name is Buddy. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
August 1, 2011.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

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Meet Buddy! His big antlers and sweet disposition make him easy to spot amongst our herd of deer!  

Buddy was born and raised in the wild, but was found with an injured hoof one day near a local animal sanctuary. His injury meant he was not able to get around very well, and likely would have made him an easy target for predators (and hunters). He likely would not survive long in the wild, especially because he was still very young at the time. 

The animal sanctuary contacted Popcorn Park to see if we would take the injured buck and, of course, we welcomed him with open arms! Buddy arrived in 2011, and after months of some much-needed medical care by our veterinarian, Buddy was feeling much better!  However, he had quickly grown accustomed to life in captivity, making it so he was unable to be released back to the wild. Buddy was introduced to our herd of deer and settled right in with his new family. 

Buddy is so appropriately named - he is a friend to all, humans and animals alike! He loves to come up to the fence to say "Hello!" to visitors and never turns down a head scratch! He has a very sweet, calm, and peaceful demeanor, making it clear that he truly enjoys the safety and solice of the Refuge. 

His favorite snacks are apples and carrots, though he does enjoy the occassional pumpkin in the fall! Buddy can often be found frolicking with his other deer friends, snoozing in the sunshine, or munching on some hay. We are so grateful that we were able to not only give Buddy the medical care he desperately needed, but to provide him with a lifelong home.

Buddy would love to have some new "buddies"! Would you consider sponsoring him today?


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