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Long Term Care for Cats & Dogs


Our mission at the Associated Humane Societies is to provide quality care and sanctuary until a loving home can be found. However, for some of our animals the journey to find a perfect family make take a bit longer. Oftentimes this includes senior animals, animals working with our trainers for behavioral reasons, or animals with special medical needs. You can help support this wonderful mission by joining our Share-A-Pet program and sponsoring one of our special cats or dogs. 

Your support of our Share-A-Pet program, established in 1978, helps provide medical exams, vaccinations, preventative treatments (like flea/tick and heartworm preventatives), and any specialized care that they require (like medication, prescription foods, etc.) Our Share-A-Pet animals typically reside in a foster home environment for more specialized care, one of our free-roaming cat rooms like Kitty City, or in Animal Haven in our Forked River shelter.


Your Share-A-Pet Membership will include:  

  • Updates 3 times per year
  • Holiday card
  • Exclusive online access where you will receive regular pictures, videos, and information on your sponsored animal
  • Subscription to Humane News

By supporting our Share-A-Pet program, you are joining a dedicated community of animal lovers, and together, we will ensure that every animal at AHS receives the love and care they deserve.


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