Troy the Mini Horse

About Me
My name is Troy the Mini Horse. I'm a 34-year-old boy.

My birthday is
September 4, 1989.
Wildlife Club

Wildlife Club

Animal Type

Farm Animals

My Story

Troy the Mini Horse


Raised with love all of his life, Troy never had a moment of worry or strife. He lived on a farm with his miniature horse family, Star and Early Surprise. However, when the elderly couple who owned the farm could no longer manage the farm property, they decided to put it up for sale. The little mini family needed somewhere to go.

Thankfully, the couple reached out to Popcorn Park well in advance to make proper arrangements to rehome the trio - making for a very easy transition to their new home with us! Troy, Star, and Surprise arrived at Popcorn Park in 2005 and though Star and Surprise have since passed away due to old age, Troy continues to call the Refuge home. He is a favorite amongst visitors and enjoys greeting everyone who stops by!

Troy is a friendly and outgoing senior miniature horse. He loves our staff, is great for the farrier, and is a very easy-going guy. He enjoys stealing a treat (or two!) and will even tap on the bottom rail of his fence with his hoof if he's looking for some extra attention!

As one of our senior residents, Troy receives some extra special care from our staff and veterinarians. From a specialized diet to supplements and medication, our team makes sure that Troy has everything he needs to stay happy and healthy while he enjoys his golden years.

Troy may be short in stature, but he holds a big place in our hearts! From his adorable fluffy mane and forelock to his kind and gentle demeanor, we just know you will love Troy just as much as we do.

Troy would love some extra love and we hope you will consider sponsoring him today! 


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