Louie the Japanese Snow Macaque

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My name is Louie the Japanese Snow Macaque. I'm a boy.
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Wildlife Club

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Louie the Japanese Snow Macaque


Meet Louie! This incredibly handsome Japanese Snow Macaque spent the majority of his life living at a zoo in Pennsylvania. However, when his mate passed away Louie found himself to be very lonely. Macaques are very social animals by nature and Louie is no exception. The loss of his mate left Louie heartbroken, and the caring staff knew he needed a change.

Facility staff thought Louie would do best if he could be around other primates but unfortunately they did not have a suitable companion for him. They reached out to Popcorn Park to see if we could provide Louie with a permanent home, particularly one where he could have some kind of primate companionship. Of course, we gladly welcomed him to the Popcorn Park family! 

Louie arrived at our facility in June 2019 and settled in to life in our Monkey House. Though Louie still mourned the loss of his mate, it was clear that he was overjoyed to be in the company of other monkeys. 

Louie adjusted nicely to his new home neighboring one of our other Macaques, Tess. The pair became fast friends, enjoying each other's companionship. Little by little Tess helped mend Louie's broken heart and we slowly saw his personality start to blossom. 

Louie is one of our shyer monkeys but is curious and playful. He loves interacting with our staff and never says no to an extra treat or two. Did you know that Louie loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?! Our staff gives Louie and his monkey friends these on occassion as a special treat. Overall, Louie is a super sweet guy that is always friendly and a joy to have around. He would love to have you as a friend as well to help provide for all his needs!

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