Vested Interest

AHS Protects Working K-9's

The Vested Interested Fund was established in memory of a Solo, a three year old German Shepherd with the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office who died in the line of duty on June 5, 1998.  Solo was shot and killed while pursuing a suspect in a building in Asbury Park, NJ.  He had an extraordinary record of 19 apprehensions and he'd located 11 missing persons in his short but heroic life.

How Could We Help?

Upon hearing of Solo's death, the Associated Humane Societies wanted to find a way to protect other New Jersey K-9's from experiencing a similar tragedy.  We sought out body armor companies and invited law enforcement departments to bring in their K-9's to try out several vests.  We finalized the details and the Vested Interest Fund was born.


Thousands of Vests Are Giving to Date....

To date, AHS has provided working K-9's in New Jersey with over 1,000 vests and another 150 across the nation.  This protection has been supplied to state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies, as well as government agencies, U.S. park police, Amtrak, Port Authority, corrections departments, and search and rescue dogs.  We continue to offer vests to all K-9's coming through the training academies and to all law enforcement agencies that add K-9 units.  The Vested Interest Fund, the first of its kind in the country, has also inspired many other states and even Canada in providing vests for their working K-9's.

How You Can Help...

We are able to provide these vests thanks to the generosity of our supporters who contribute to this fund.  Please make a donation to the fund to support our goal of protecting all working K-9's.  Please spread the word and if you know of a law enforcement agency with a K-9 unit that needs a vest, please have them contact us 973-824-7080 or email:  [email protected].