The Res-Q Fund

The ResQFund - Providing Emergency Medical Help for Rescued Animals in Need

Our ResQFund provides emergency medical care for the animals that the Associated Humane Socieities rescues. The ResQFund not only helps dogs and cats, but all animals, big and small, that need help and who have suffered excessively cruel or neglectful treatment.

When you donate to our ResQFund, you become a vital lifeline for rescued animals facing urgent medical crises. Your generosity directly funds critical emergency care, enabling us to provide immediate medical attention, surgeries, specialized treatments, and long term care to these animals in need. Every contribution goes beyond financial support – it embodies compassion and hope, mending broken bodies and offering a second chance at life to these animals. Your donation ensures that all our animals receive the care they deserve, transforming their stories of struggle into tales of resilience and recovery.

Join us in making a profound impact by donating to our ResQFund, because together, we're giving these precious creatures a chance to experience the joy of health and happiness once again.


Charlie is a Golden Retriever puppy whose life was saved thanks to the supporters of our ResQFund. At just 6 months old, he was found as a stray in Rahway and brought to our Newark shelter. His rear leg was very bruised and swollen to nearly double it's normal size. Charlie walked with a pronounced limp and it was obvious he needed immediate medical attention. 

He was brought to an offsite, emergency veterinary hospital where x-rays discovered that his femur was completely broken in two. We can't imagine the pain this precious boy was in or the fear he must have felt as he roamed the streets but we knew he was in excellent hands at our emergency veterinary clinic.

Charlie received emergency surgery and rehabilitative care to save his leg. His expenses exceeded $10,000, and his care was covered entirely by our generous ResQFund supporters. We will likely never know what Charlie had experienced during his first 6 months of life, but together, with the help of our ResQFund supporters, his future is bright in the arms of his new adoptive family.

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