Rodger Needs your Help!

Hit by a Car and in Critical Condition, Rodger Needs your Help!

We will never forget the day Rodger arrived to the shelter after surviving being hit by a car. We took one look at Rodger and knew he needed emergency medical help, so he was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital minutes after arriving to the shelter. 
Rodger sustained a multitude of injuries from the accident, the most critical being the degloving of the skin on his lower mandible. The excruciating pain this dog must have been in, but he still remained well tempered and friendly to vet staff during treatment. Rodger underwent a massive surgery to reattach the skin to the tissue of his jaw, we were told by the vet there were too many stitches to even keep track. Other injuries sustained from the accident are a broken jaw and nerve damage to one of his eye. Rodger was lucky those were the extent of his injuries.
Now Rodger still remains in critical condition in emergency veterinary care even days after arriving but he's turning a corner! Rodger is on the mend and we are so hopeful and optimistic for a full recovery. To see him making strides in his recovery makes our hearts soar. Though Rodger's surgery and treatment is very costly, approximately upwards of $20,000 we know he is in amazing hands and being treated with the utmost care. Please donate to Rodger's care!

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